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HIM and Clinical Documentation Services for Healthcare Providers

ScribeEMR’s medical charting and additional administrative solutions focus on improving accuracy, increasing revenue, and giving healthcare providers and their staff more time to focus during patient examinations. We understand the distinct requirements of each healthcare facility, and its clinicians, and we offer customized clinical and non-clinical support to meet each practice’s needs.

We Customize Medical Charting and Other Administrative Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Our Services Improve Workflow, Boost Revenue, And Reduce Burnout

Medical Scribing

Well-trained, remote medical scribes, dedicated to your practice, provide real-time clinical documentation with quick turnaround and exceptional chart quality.

Speech Recognition Options

ScribeEMR is Partnering with Dolbey to Offer a Full Range of Medical Charting Solutions

02 Medical Coding

Medical Coding

Dedicated, certified medical coders assign the right codes to each diagnosis and treatment to reduce errors and optimize medical billing and reimbursement.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Medical Office Servicessm

Our customized virtual solutions help medical practices, hospitals, and health systems streamline administrative tasks, improve patient care, boost revenue and enhance overall efficiency