Works with
your Existing EMR

  • No need to implement, learn, or adopt new technology!
  • The ScribeEMR solution does not require any additional technology investment or implementation.

Significantly reduces
data entry time

  • Real-time charting is keyed directly into your EMR system!
  • A personal scribe has remote access to your EMR system, so information is keyed in real-time.

chart accuracy

  • A dedicated scribe focuses on quality data entry, while you focus on the patient!
  • ScribeEMR scribes are trained experts in all
    EMR systems.


A simple, highly effective solution to solve your clinical documentation challenges

With ScribeEMR, you have a remote Scribe in real time

allowing you to give 100% of your attention to the patient encounter, while significantly reducing your burden of EMR data entry.

ScribeEMR Whiteboard

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Why Choose Us?


Our founders have been in medical transcription business since 1999. They built a company with over 700 medical dictation transcribers scribing into every major EMR and sold it to Nuance to become the bedrock of Dragon Medical dictation.

Today, ScribeEMR leadership recognizes a new and urgent need – to alleviate the administrative burden of EMR data entry and increase provider satisfaction and quality of life. ScribeEMR is marrying technology and live scribes together for the perfect solution.


ScribeEMR takes medical transcription to the next level by providing real-time quality data entry into your EMR.

Our service does not require you to change any part of your clinical practice or learn a new technology – our scribes leverage existing technology to listen to your appointment and capture data directly into your EMR system. Because you receive a dedicated ScribeEMR scribe, you can be confident they are highly trained in all EMR systems and deliver high-quality data entry that matches your style and meets your approval.


ScribeEMR offers a competitive flat rate for its services, but delivers much more value than traditional scribe services. Since its not software or hardware, our pricing is just an hourly scribe rate…you pay only for what you use.