The True Cost of Having a Virtual Medical Scribe

The True Cost of Having a Virtual Medical Scribe
Is Your Healthcare Facility Failing To Incorporate More Patients To Expand Its Healthcare Offerings?
Are Some Of Your Providers Struggling To Keep Up With The Workload Of Medical Documentation, Which Detracts Them From Having An Efficient Patient Flow?
Are Your Providers Charting Post-Shift Hours Or Facing Clinical Burnout Due To The Burden Of Doing Extra- Clinical Tasks?
Well, worry no more! Because now you’ve got a solution in three simple yet magical words – Virtual Medical Scribe! Telemedicine technologies allow virtual medical scribes to connect with healthcare providers remotely and document the clinical visit while focusing on providing the best possible care to the patient. They listen to the patient-physician interaction and drafting a succinct, well-formatted medical note. But such time-saving, workload-sharing, and revenue-generating virtual scribe services cannot be free of cost. And it is why we have decided to bring you the math involved to help you analyze the true cost of having a Virtual Medical Scribe.

Expense Vs. Revenue

 The math is simple
  • A physician spends 5-10 minutes on the EMR after a visit, which culminates into 2 to 3 hours of charting per day.
  • With real-time documentation, a remote medical scribe saves these precious hours, which a healthcare provider can use to see at least three more patients with ease.
  • Considering average billing for a patient at a modest $250, your facility generates an extra $750 in a day per physician.
  • Whether you hire a scribe on an hourly basis or monthly salary, your virtual medical scribe will not cost you more than $300 a day, gaining $450 per provider per day.
  • Again, taking a modest approach, imagine six clinicians from your facility keep a remote scribe each. In this scenario, the healthcare facility would generate $2700 of extra revenue in a day.
  • In short, an individual physician can see up to 15 to 25% more patients in a day, directly contributing an additional $125,000-$200,000 in revenue per year.
Accurate, high-quality medical charts by virtual medical scribes help optimize billing and ensure faster insurance approval, thus enhancing reimbursements & boosting healthcare revenue by up to 40%.

See By Yourself – Work Out Your ROI

With virtual medical scribes, it’s given the clinic or hospital would gain financial benefits. Still, we recommend physicians and hospital organizations use proper ROI calculations specific to their needs. So, find out the amount you would be spending on scribing per day. And then analyze the average gain in daily revenue on the basis of extra patients the provider(s) could see. Visit to find out more.

The Non-Tangible Benefits Of Virtual Medical Scribe

 The value offered
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction – As the physicians see more patients, boosting revenue for the facility, they earn extra incentives for the value-based care they have offered.
  • Eliminating Clinical Burnout – Such is the power of having a virtual medical scribe that your providers can see more patients while working fewer days than those not having a scribe.
  • Improved Engagement – Real-time completion of accurate, detailed charts allows the provider to focus entirely on the patient without worrying about EMR data entry.
  • Deliver Quality Care – With the provider’s focus solely on the patient, he can deliver quality care in a relaxed state of mind.
  • Patient retention – Quality engagement with the patient leads to patient satisfaction and patient retention.
  • Provider retention – No provider would leave the facility where he could gain incentives without bothering about data entry or taking any burden of ancillary tasks.
Virtual physician scribes reduce clerical workload and streamline clinical workflow, thus enhancing provider wellbeing and improving healthcare delivery. About ScribeEMR ScribeEMR provides real-time, remote, HIPAA-compliant EMR charting, medical coding, and ancillary support that improves practice efficiency, maximizes revenue, and reduces physician burnout. Extensively trained, remote medical scribes log in to document patient visits in real time, with quick turnaround and exceptional chart quality. Dedicated, certified medical coders assign the right codes to each diagnosis and treatment to reduce errors and optimize medical billing and reimbursement. Additional services include referral coordination, insurance eligibility verification, preauthorization management, and additional administrative, clerical, and customer support provided by trained virtual assistants. For more information visit