Seven Reasons to Outsource Medical Coding to ScribeEMR

Seven Reasons to Outsource Medical Coding to ScribeEMR

It’s no secret that medical coding errors lead to claim rejections, resulting in delayed reimbursement and loss of revenue. Invalid codes are causative for most denials in claim submissions. Inaccurate medical coding fails to provide a real picture of the patient’s medical history. Accurate medical coding eliminates the scope of claim denials and rejections, thus boosting revenue growth and strengthening the revenue cycle management process.

ScribeEMR employs comprehensive, rigorous processes in delivering accurate medical coding, ensuring that clinicians and healthcare providers are adequately reimbursed for the services they provide. We have recruit highly-skilled, certified medical coders that help healthcare facilities streamline their medical coding and billing, optimizing their cash flow and revenue cycle.

So, let’s take a look at seven reasons why you should outsource Medical Coding to ScribeEMR

  • Offering Efficient Solutions of Medical Coding in the USA

    Medical coders at ScribEMR are CPC-certified and highly-skilled to expertly analyze clinical documentation, from the type of visit to the diagnosis to the treatment offered. This information is then accurately translated in the form of ICD and CPT codes using highly advanced tools and software.

  • Optimizing Medical Billing

 Medical Coding

ScribeEMR trains its Medical coders in the USA to find the most precise and optimum medical code for a particular treatment offered. It is because correctly assigned medical codes for a given treatment can make a difference between $20 and $2000+ in terms of the coverage and revenue. And our medical coders are adept in correct code assignment.

  • Decreased Rejection/Denial Rate

    Medical coders at ScribeEMR undergo rigorous training and possess significant experience with a wide variety of EMRs.  They effectively work on clinical documentation from Epic, Athena Health, Cerner, and MEDENT, NextGen, etc. With certified medical coders using advanced, up-to-date software that generates highly specific diagnosis and treatment codes, we have extraordinarily low rates of insurance denials.

  • Compliance – adherence to ICD-10 & CPT-2021 Guidelines

    Our medical coders in the USA are well-versed with the latest and revised Evaluation and Management (E/M), ICD-10, HCPCS, and CPT codes, ensuring optimized coding and accurate billing. We prevent over-coding and under-coding, protecting our customers from any form of penalties imposed for non-compliance.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Coding

We offer coding based on the type of visit and specialty, including Inpatient, Outpatient, Urgent Care, and Emergency Departments. Our medical coders have verifiable multi-disciplinary experience from Family Medicine and Cardiology to Orthopedics and Dermatology.

  • Save in-house Resources

By allowing ScribeEMR to hire, train and assign certified medical coders, your healthcare facility does not have to obligate resources and funds in hiring, training, and monitoring additional staff.

HIPAA Compliance ScribeEMR complies with all HIPAA rules. Personal portable electronic devices are prohibited inside the working area that has limited access to the Internet. All medical coders attend HIPAA training through our Learning Management System.


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From The Desk Of A Satisfied Client

“We have always faced the challenge of hiring skilled and experienced professionals for accurate and timely coding and billing. ScribeEMR’s medical coders have been able to tackle this issue very well. Their organized approach and willingness to put in concerted efforts have certainly helped us streamline our A/R cycles, resulting in faster reimbursements. Our workload of medical coding and billing is managed much effectively with all the things being done within in a week. Now, I have more bandwidth to get things done sooner.”

Pamela Larkin 
Director, Revenue Cycle

Excelsior Orthopedics

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