Optimize medical billing with ScribeEMR expert medical coders

Optimize medical billing with ScribeEMR

What if you were told that accurate medical coding could be the difference between a medical billing of $20 and $2000 for the same type of treatment given for the same condition? Given the paradigm shift towards value-based care, won’t you want to select the correct E/M code depending upon the total time spent with the patient?

Revolutionary changes to evaluation and management (E/M) coding took effect from Jan. 1, 2021. The latest guidelines for the American Medical Association (AMA) have exempted doctors from using E/M codes based on the patient’s history or physical exam. Instead, it allows the physician to code based on the total time spent during the clinical encounter.

Leave it to the experts – ScribeEMR medical coders

Hundreds of code updates occur every year with CPT and ICD codes; many of which can affect medical billing significantly. It is almost impossible to keep track of all the changes. Additionally, errors in medical coding can jeopardize the reimbursement process, leading to claim rejections and resulting in either delay, or loss of revenue. Critical medical coding errors can also result in federal penalties, fines, and even imprisonment. These are some of the reasons why it is imperative for you to hand over the tedious, yet critical task of medical coding and billing to experts.

ScribeEMR deploys well-trained and highly-dedicated medical coders who have gone through comprehensive and rigorous training.  All ScribeEMR scribes are CPC® certified with credentials available for review.  ScribeEMR provides its medical coders with advanced coding tools and software that help them translate the medical chart with precise ICD and CPT codes. The entire process is streamlined to ensure accurate medical coding, leading to optimal reimbursement for clinicians and healthcare providers for the services they provide. Our coders are well versed with the latest and revised E/M, ICD-10, HCPCS, and CPT codes, ensuring accurate medical coding and optimized billing.

Boost in Revenue Generation – Guaranteed

Our efficient medical coding services help reduce your burden of assigning the correct code and streamline Revenue Cycle Management. ScribeEMR guarantees to eliminate overhead and paperwork and increase claim submission and acceptance, boosting revenue generation. Dedicated, certified medical coders at ScribeEMR perform accurate coding, resulting in billing the right amount for the diagnosis and treatment while alleviating errors.

Listen from the specialist managing healthcare revenue

“We have always faced the challenge of hiring skilled and experienced professionals for accurate and timely coding and billing. ScribeEMR has been able to tackle this issue very well. Their organized approach and willingness to put in concerted efforts have certainly helped us streamline our A/R cycles, resulting in faster reimbursements. Our workload of medical coding and billing is managed much effectively with all the things being done within in a week. Now, I have more bandwidth to get things done sooner.”

Pamela Larkin, Director, Revenue Cycle

Excelsior Orthopaedics

Expert Training

ScribeEMR provides expert training to its medical coders with advanced coding software that accelerates the coding process and ensures greater accuracy. Our certified medical coders have been trained on various software programs like Epic, MEDENT, e-ClinicalWorks, NextGen, DocuTap, Cerner, CodeLink Pro, AdvancedMD, Flash Code, etc.

Least Rejection/Claim Denials

With certified medical coders using robust software that generates highly specific ICD and CPT codes, we have an extraordinarily low rate of insurance denials. Further, accuracy is increased as our coders are well-versed with latest updates in coding criteria and rules.

Multi-Disciplinary Coding

We offer coding based on the type of visit and specialty, including Inpatient, Outpatient, Urgent Care, and Emergency Departments. Our coders have verifiable multi-disciplinary experience in coding for providers working in Family Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Urology, etc.

Save in-house resources

By allowing ScribeEMR to hire, train, and assign certified medical coders, the healthcare facility does not have to obligate resources and funds in hiring, training, and monitoring additional staff.

Mitigating Errors

Medical coding errors in treatment procedures have implications on billable insurance coverage. Medical coders at ScribeEMR translate the medical chart and assign precise ICD & CPT codes corresponding to the specific diagnosis & treatment, leading to accurate billing purposes. We prevent over-coding and under-coding, protecting our customers from any form of penalties imposed for non-compliance.

HIPAA Compliance

ScribeEMR complies with all HIPAA rules. Personal portable electronic devices are prohibited inside the working area that has limited access to the Internet. All medical coders attend HIPAA training through our Learning Management System.

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