Introducing VMOS – Virtual Medical Office Services

Introducing VMOS – Virtual Medical Office Services

Medical practices are always looking for ways to improve patient care, reduce administrative procedures, and maximize revenue. More than 20 million people are employed in the healthcare industry in the United States alone, and jobs in medical offices and administrative support are expected to expand by 12.5% between 2020 and 2030. One approach is ScribeEMR’s Virtual Medical Office Services (VMOS) which provides a variety of services to assist medical practices in overcoming administrative burdens and enhancing productivity.

Medical Customer Service Improvement Using ScribeEMR’s VMOS

Medical office customer service can be improved, with the help of virtual medical assistants knowledgeable in medical language and top EMR systems. A 10-15% increase in patient retention and a 5–10% improvement in overall patient satisfaction ratings are two potential ROIs.

Using ScribeEMR’s VMOS  To Simplify Chart Preparation
For Greater Efficiency

Virtual medical assistants with expertise in chart preparation, information organization, and correct documentation are available through ScribeEMR’s VMOS. The benefits are streamlined chart creation, enhanced physician effectiveness, and increased patient throughput. This service can potentially boost provider efficiency by 10–20%, decrease chart preparation time by 20–30%, and increase patient throughput by 5–10%.

Optimizing Healthcare For Virtual Assistants

ScribeEMR’s VMOS offers virtual medical assistants to perform appointment confirmation, prior authorization, and patient registration. These specialists guarantee more efficient patient registration, more patient happiness, and fewer administrative problems.

The virtual assistant healthcare services also include effective fax management, patient claims reconciliation, and patient co-payment reconciliation. With the help of these virtual medical assistants, staff productivity is up, and communication is better. A 15–25% decrease in fax processing time, a 10–20% drop in refused claims, and an improvement of 5–10% in billing accuracy are all projected ROIs for these services.

The Function Of Medical Customer Service Agents  

Providing effective call center services, managing incoming and outgoing calls, and providing chat help, medical customer service representatives are essential to ScribeEMR’s VMOS. These specialists, who are educated in medical language and more than 85 EMR systems, may greatly enhance patient happiness, decrease staff workload, and improve customer service in medical offices. This service could have a 10–20% reduction in call processing time, a gain in patient satisfaction of between 5% and 10%, and a reduction in staff workload of between 10% and 15%.

In Conclusion

We are making a positive impact within the healthcare sector by providing a variety of solutions for the many problems that medical practices encounter. By utilizing ScribeEMR’s VMOS, healthcare professionals may now more easily improve patient care, enhance administrative effectiveness, and increase revenue generation. For healthcare providers, adopting ScribeEMR’s VMOS can be a game-changer, putting them on a road to ongoing success and growth in a sector that is always changing.

Daya Shankar,

Co-Founder ScribeEMR 

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