How Medical Coding Optimizes Your Healthcare Billing And Optimizes Revenue

Medical Coding Optimizes Your Healthcare

After a clinical visit is over and the patient’s eligibility for insurance is verified, medical coding is the first task of utmost significance that culminates in medical billing and revenue generation. Both medical billing and coding form a significant aspect of the Revenue (A/R) Cycle, ensuring optimum reimbursement to providers for the services they render. Let’s take a look at how.

Accurate medical coding involves assigning the correct ICD and CPT codes corresponding to a specific diagnosis and treatment, respectively. Medical coding on the clinical document drives the medical billing, which forms the basis for optimizing revenue cycle and maximizing revenue. Let’s evaluate in detail.

Medical Coding for Optimum Revenue Cycle

  1. After the clinical visit, the medical chart is prepared by either a medical scribe or healthcare provider and is queued to a medical coder for coding.
  2. A medical coder identifies medical diagnoses and treatment procedures made during the visit, translates them into universally accepted ICD and CPT codes, and enters the medical coding into the chart.
  3. These medical codes form the basis for medical billing and insurance claims. Insurance companies then evaluate the supporting documentation and codes submitted.
  4. Insurance companies then review and validate the treatment given for a specific condition. Ideally, the claim for reimbursement insurance is then accepted.
  5. Healthcare facilities are then paid for their services depending on the patient’s insurance coverage, leading income generation for both facilities and healthcare providers.

Increased revenue

Medical coding errors, especially for treatment procedures, can have implications on insurance coverage. Correct medical codes for treatment can make a difference in thousands of dollars in terms of reimbursement.

Eliminate claim rejections

Invalid codes cause most denials in claim submissions. Inaccurate medical coding fails to provide a real picture of the patient’s medical history. Accurate medical coding eliminates the scope of claim denials and rejections, thus boosting revenue growth and strengthening the revenue cycle management process.

Streamlining the process

A Medical Coder serves as a significant link in the process of filing insurance by accurately entering the codes and quickly passing the document for billing, which helps healthcare facilities streamline the process of submitting the claims to insurance companies.

 Remote Medical Coding at service

One does not necessarily have to be present in the facility to perform medical coding. Remote Medical Coders are quite capable of analyzing the medical documentation prepared from the visit and translating its medical information into universally accepted codes.

 ScribeEMR understands the criticality of Medical Coding

ScribeEMR is a medical service company with a team of proven professionals with expertise in Clinical Documentation. We offer Remote Medical Coding service to help medical organizations streamline their billing and cash flow, optimizing their A/RCycle.

Errors in medical coding can jeopardize the reimbursement process, leading to claim rejections and resulting in either delay, or loss of revenue. Critical medical coding errors can also result in federal penalties, fines, and even imprisonment. ScribeEMR employs comprehensive, rigorous processes for accurate medical coding, ensuring that clinicians and healthcare providers are adequately reimbursed for the services they provide.

Expert Training

ScribeEMR provides expert training to its medical coders with advanced coding software that accelerates the coding process and ensure more accuracy. Certified Medical Coders have been appointed and trained on various software programs like Epic, MEDENT, e-ClinicalWorks, NextGen, DocuTap, Cerner, CodeLink Pro, AdvancedMD, Flash Code, etc.

With certified Medical Coders using robust software that generates highly specific ICD and CPT codes, we have an extraordinarily low rate of insurance denials.

Multi-Disciplinary Coding

We offer coding based on the type of visit and specialty, including Inpatient, Outpatient, Urgent Care, and Emergency Departments. Our coders have verifiable multi-disciplinary experience from Family Medicine and Cardiology to Orthopedics and Urology to Urgent Care and Emergency Departments.

Save in-house resources

By allowing ScribeEMR to hire, train and assign certified Medical Coders, the healthcare facility does not have to obligate resources and funds in hiring, training, and monitoring additional staff.

Mitigating Errors

Medical coding errors in treatment procedures have implications on billable insurance coverage. Medical coders at ScribeEMR translate the medical chart and assign precise ICD & CPT codes corresponding to the specific diagnosis & treatment, leading to accurate billing purposes. We prevent over-coding and under-coding, protecting our customers from any form of penalties imposed for non-compliance.

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