A sneak peak at how ScribeEMR medical scribes are improving physicians’ quality of work and life

ScribeEMR medical scribes are improving physicians

Healthcare providers spend a shocking amount of time documenting the medical narrative of a patient’s history, condition, and treatment plan into EMRs. This task forces them to work extra hours and leaves them tired by the end of their shift. At times, it makes them freeze their appointment slot, reducing the number of patients they could see in a day.

ScribeEMR offers expert remote medical scribes who use advanced telemedicine applications to deliver bi-directional audio, allowing the scribe to listen to the patient-physician interaction and document the narrative of the clinical encounters in the EMR in real-time. With ScribeEMR, each clinician is paired individually with a dedicated remote medical scribe who listens to each encounter and enters the encounter narrative into the EMR.

Real-time clinical documentation done by a ScribeEMR remote scribe helps a physician combat burnout by eliminating the administrative burden related to EMR charting and data entry post visits. This simple reduction in administrative duties improves both the patient experience and the physician’s quality of work. So, let’s look into detail at how ScribeEMR remote scribes are helping healthcare providers avoid burnout and increase productivity.

  1. Sharing Workload

ScribeEMR’s remote medical scribes complete the chart within a couple of minutes after the visit is over. The remote medical scribe reduces administrative workload of the healthcare provider and allows him/her to see the patient in a relaxed state-of-mind, thus increasing productivity.

  1. Avoiding Burnout

As the remote medical scribe completes clinical documentation before the visit ends, it allows physicians to review and sign off all the charts before the shift ends. It means that the physicians can leave the facility on time and spend some quality time at home with their families, rather than charting after working hours.

  1. Enabling healthcare providers to see extra 1-3 patients every day

ScribeEMR medical scribe delivers comprehensive high-quality clinical documentation with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. The entire charting is done as per the physician’s preferences. Minimal time is spent proofreading the chart which reduces the physician workload and delivers the ability to increase to add extra 1-3 appointments (20-minute visit) per day.

  1. Improved Billing 

ScribeEMR remote medical scribes are devoted to seamlessly providing current medical information to healthcare providers. Obtaining first-hand information from the patient, they assign precise diagnoses related to the condition. Additionally, they frame a well-detailed treatment plan as discussed by the physician. This helps medical coders in assigning correct ICD and CPT codes, which optimizes billing and streamlines revenue generation.

  1. Increasing Revenue

With significantly improved billing and a 15-20% increase in patient access, a ScribeEMR remote medical scribe can help a healthcare provider contribute an additional $125,000-$200,000 in annual revenue for its healthcare facility. Additionally, the provider becomes eligible to receive incentives based on the value-based care he offers to more patients.

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  1. Offering invaluable assistance during the Covid-19 outbreak

When offering healthcare assistance to a maximum number of people became a global priority, ScribeEMR remote medical scribes helped physicians manage the extra load of patients while still getting home at a reasonable hour. For new clients who got on board during the pandemic, our skillful medical scribes also helped them close the backlog of pending charts.

  1. Rigorously trained expert medical scribes

Remote medical scribes of ScribeEMR are rigorously trained on over 45 different EMR systems and help complete every aspect of clinical documentation, including managing lab orders, diagnostics studies, prescriptions & referrals. By the end of the visit, a physician simply reviews the orders and signs them with the click of a button.

  1. Following HIPAA Compliance

ScribeEMR complies with all HIPAA rules. Personal portable electronic devices are prohibited inside the working area that has limited access to the Internet. All medical scribes attend HIPAA training through our Learning Management System

  1. 100% Uptime

In those instances where the primary medical scribe is not available (Illness, vacation, etc.), every provider is assigned a back-up scribe to ensure uninterrupted service.

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ScribeEMR is a company based in Boston, MA, providing telemedicine, remote medical scribe, and virtual assistant services to healthcare providers across the country. Established in 2016, ScribeEMR serves as a one-stop solution delivering simple yet highly-effective services to help resolve physician EMR charting challenges. ScribeEMR is comprised of a team of proven executives and entrepreneurs with deep expertise in Clinical Documentation.

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