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Virtual Medical Office Solutions for
Busy Healthcare Providers

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The Story Of Being “Virtual” In Medical Scribing

Look to the leader in virtual medical office services (VMOS) to take on administrative tasks so your care team can focus on patients. ScribeEMR’s virtual front and back-office services address healthcare industry staffing shortages, alleviate provider burnout, and boost revenue. Our highly trained specialists become essential to your team, familiar with practice protocols and preferences.

The ROI for medical practices, hospitals, and health systems equates to better work/life balance, enhanced patient care, and optimal reimbursements.

ScribeEMR founders have been in the medical documentation industry since 1999, and have worked with virtually every EMR platform. They grew their first company to include 700 medical transcriptionists before selling it to Nuance, where it became the bedrock of Dragon Medical dictation.

In 2016, they founded ScribeEMR to further their vision to provide accessible, real-time remote medical scribing and ancillary services that increase revenue, streamline administrative tasks and ease physician workload

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Provider Testimonials

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"My scribe, Razal, does a great job! The quality of his documentation is excellent. He is always online before me, has charts prepped for the day, and completes charting of patient visits rapidly. I used to spend 4-8 hours a week on documentation. Now, with a scribe, I've got documentation time down to as little as one hour and can see more patients."

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Dr. Sarah Waling

DO, MPH (Pediatrician) | Albany Area Primary Health Care

"I'm very satisfied with my scribe's performance. She has helped me increase the number of patients I see each day, up to 25, which is a significant increase. Having a scribe also takes tasks off my plate like sending print commands for prescription glasses."

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Dr. Paul McHenry

OD | Children's Eye Physicians, Colorado

"The scribing program has changed my life and I love-love-love it. I wish somebody had suggested this to me earlier because now I am able to enjoy my weekends. My scribe, Damanpreet, is amazing, we gel well, and the work is seamless. I am literally closing my charts by just looking at them and my edit rate is nominal."

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Dr. Latoya L. Kuester

MD | Women's Care Florida, LLC

"I was writing notes until at least 2 AM every clinic day until I found ScribeEMR. Now I have time to lead a more normal life, and have less pressure from accumulating notes. The scribes I have worked with have been top-notch, and it is easy to work with ScribeEMR's system. I recommend this virtual scribe service for any practitioner who wants to enjoy their professional and personal life more."

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Dr. Wesley Vaughn