Virtual Assistant for Wabash Hospital

Rural health networks face greater challenges than other healthcare systems maintaining staffing and ensuring clinics operate at preferred revenue levels without burning out staff. Their medical scribe partners are there to help.

Wabash General Hospital is a critical access network, with limited resources, that serves rural communities in South Eastern Illinois. Andrew Kleinschmidt, Vice President of Professional Services, oversees five rural health clinics and 3 specialty clinics with 30physician and mid-level providers.

Practice Challenges

  • Working after hours on documentation took away from a provider’s family time
  • Patients were uncomfortable with medical scribes in the exam room during primary care visits
  • Quarterly medical coding levels were below national CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) database benchmarks, which affected reimbursement
  • Solution

  • Wabash brought in remote medical scribes to support providers during patient visits
  • Patients are confident their visits are being recorded thoroughly while providers focus on them
  • ScribeEMR discovered medical code level discrepancies in an audit and is now providing remote medical coders to augment internal resources
  • ScribeEMR virtual assistants are covering other administrative office duties to free up local staff
  • Results

  • Patients continue to be comfortable and forthcoming during their exams, especially with questions related to reproductive and other more sensitive issues
  • Physicians can be more present with their patients instead of typing in to the EMR
  • Providers appreciate more regular hours and less take-home charting work
  • Doctors highly value their remote medical scribes, and their evolving relationships, as they become valuable team members and friends
  • Demand for remote scribe support is increasing, which is boosting hospital network efficiency

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    ScribeEMR has exceeded our expectations. Our providers have enjoyed and appreciated the addition to their team and the company’s flexibility is unmatched.”

    ─ Andrew Kleinschmidt, VP-Professional Services,
    Wabash General Hospital