Carson Tahoe Health

Improving Provider Satisfaction And Revenue Cycle Management With ScribeEMR Live Virtual Medical Scribing And Medical Coding Services.

Carson Taho

Practice Challenges

The organization faced delayed documentation and coding accuracy challenges that were impacting healthcare provider satisfaction and revenue cycle management.


The key objective was to enhance the accuracy and completness of physician documentation and charting, while aligning documentation and coding practices to optimize revenue cycle performance.

The aim was to also eliminate any obstacles or inefficiencies that impeded patient care, thereby increasing provider satisfaction and productivity.


  • ScribeEMR provided Carson Tahoe Health with virtual medical scribing and coding services. Removing the monotonous burden of charting helped providers focus exclusively on patient care, resulting in improved provider satisfaction levels.
  • ScribeEMR’s coding service’s certified coders helped to ensure expert coding of each patient chart, maximizing code assignment. While optimizing revenue cycle management, claim denials dropped to less than 1%.
  • As part of the service, ScribeEMR’s coding team monitors denials daily to facilitate swift review and re-submission.
  • Solution

    • To address the coumentation and coding challenges, Carson Tahoe Health partnered with ScribeEMR, a leading virtual medical scribing and coding service provider with deep expertise in Epic EMR.


  • Providers are gaining back 2.5 hours per day previously lost on charting, which allows them to focus more on patient care for improved satisfaction levels.
  • Provider satisfaction has also improved, as doctors are able to go home earlier to spend time with friends and family knowing that their charts are completed.
  • Same day chart signoff leads to faster reimbursement with 100% of closed coded within 24 hours.
  • Eliminating claim submission delays completely and reducing claim denials to less than 1% is improving revenue cycle management.
  • On average, 75% of providers are now logging positive wRVUs (work Relative Value Units), which is a signigicant improvement from previous years.
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    “ScribeEMR’s virtual medical scribing and virtual medical coding services have transformed operations at Carson Tahoe Health. Virtual medical scribes save time so providers can focus on patient care, while the medical coding service ensures accurate, timely coding, and a reduction in claims denials for improved revenue cycle management.”

    ─ Dr, Allen Fink
    V.P. & Chief Medical Officer, Carson Tahoe Health