Offering holistic ancillary support to healthcare providers – What does a virtual medical scribe do?

Offering holistic ancillary support to healthcare providers

“Hello doctor, good morning!” – when you hear these words first thing in your shift, coming from a computer, it will assure you that your burden of medical documentation and other ancillary tasks is in good hands of an expert virtual medical scribe. When other physicians would struggle to meet the clerical demand of documenting the clinical visit, you will be seeing more patients and completing medical charts on time with the help of a virtual medical scribe. So much so that you will be the earliest to leave the facility to spend extra quality time with your family.

Virtual scribe services have gained popularity over the past decade, serving hospital facilities and healthcare providers to see more patients without letting them bother about completing clerical tasks, especially medical charting. But how could a virtual medical scribe, sitting remotely offshore, turn the tables and sprinkle the magic of efficiency in your work life? Let’s explore!

Workflow Of A Virtual Medical Scribe

A virtual medical scribe gets new credentials, allowing him to enter into the EMR that you as a healthcare provider would be using. Virtual scribe companies provide comprehensive training to medical scribes for working on different EMRs while simultaneously training them to document the medical chart according to a provider’s preference. When it’s all said and done, the remote medical scribe is ready to work with you in real-time while you see your patients.

  1. Pre-Charting

The medical scribe would prep the chart before time to finish as much pre-visit work as possible. Before you start your shift, you can log into the telemedicine application, such as VSee, Amwell, Skype, or Zoom, for two-way communication with your scribe.

  1. Before seeing the patient

Just before a visit, as you or your medical assistant (MA) inform the virtual medical scribe about the patient to be seen, the scribe would take this opportunity to confirm any critical information about the patient, such as the chief complaint, any radiography results, etc.

  1. During the visit

The remote medical scribe would document the clinically important information from your interaction with the patient. Using his intellect and training experience, the medical scribe would segregate the information and place them into the appropriate sections of the EMR.

  • The patient’s current complaints, relevant history, and recent labs results or imaging findings would go under the HPI section.
  • A Virtual medical scribe will place your recommendation and advice in the A/P section matching your charting style.
  • Not limited to just documenting the conversation, the medical scribe will also place the orders for labs/scans and send prescriptions and referrals as directed by you.
  • Speak out loud the critical findings while physically examining the patient, and the scribe will describe them in the PE section.
  1. Post clinical encounter

This is the time when the remote medical scribe might ask you for any clarification in case of doubts. You can dictate any sensitive findings, which you couldn’t in the presence of the patient. Additionally, you can ensure whether the scribe has added specific details to the treatment plan.

Finally, when the virtual medical scribe confirms the completion of charting, you can quickly proofread the document. And with the click of a button, sign off the chart to send prescriptions, referrals, or orders placed during the visit.

Why Virtual Medical Scribe?

Real-time clinical documentation will eliminate your data entry and EMR documentation burden during and after the clinical visit, thus increasing your practice efficiency and improving clinical interactions with patients.

The virtual medical scribe will save 5-10 minutes for every patient seen. Hence, you can easily add 4-6 patients in a day to earn more income/incentives for the value-based care you intend to provide.

With a virtual medical scribe at your service, you can streamline your workflow and directly contribute additional $125,000-$200,000 revenue per year for your facility. Consequently, the remote medical scribe helps you attain work satisfaction and lets you leave the facility early to spend extra quality time with your beloved family.

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ScribeEMR provides real-time, remote, HIPAA-compliant EMR charting, medical coding, and ancillary support that improves practice efficiency, maximizes revenue, and reduces physician burnout. Extensively trained, remote medical scribes log in to document patient visits in real time, with quick turnaround and exceptional chart quality. Dedicated, certified medical coders assign the right codes to each diagnosis and treatment to reduce errors and optimize medical billing and reimbursement. Additional services include referral coordination, insurance eligibility verification, preauthorization management, and additional administrative, clerical, and customer support provided by trained virtual assistants. For more information visit

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