Virtual Assistants For Administrative Support

Virtual Assistants For Administrative Support

As the paradigm shift continues to occur across the healthcare industry with more and more digital solutions being introduced, providers and facilities are beginning to deploy Virtual Assistants (scribes) to shoulder the burdensome administrative and non-clinical tasks.

Virtual assistants in the USA can serve as a communication link between the primary care provider (PCP) and a patient or PCP and a specialist provider in the country. Further, they can offer assistance to execute significant support tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing prior authorizations, registering new patients, etc.

However, ScribeEMR offers extensive support at an entirely different level to ensure a smoother workflow for the healthcare provider and enhance patient’s experience receiving the care. Let’s take a quick look at how.

  1. Holistic Support

    ScribeEMR offers Virtual Assistants in the USA to provide a massive improvement in the overall delivery of healthcare and the patient experience by adding and registering new patients to the portal, managing referrals, creating patient engagement letters, setting up reminders, scheduling appointments, taking prior approval from insurance providers, verifying insurance eligibility, offering physician in-box management and much more.

  1. Enhanced Physician Satisfaction During Covid-19

    ScribeEMR’s expert scribes offered robust support with high-quality remote medical scribing, managing a backlog of clerical tasks, and doing the personal work of the physicians that could happen online. It culminated in significantly improved physician satisfaction, which in turn allowed the provider to offer exceptional care to its patients.

  1. Robust Backend Support To The Virtual Assistant By ScribeEMR Management

    ScribeEMR management gathers extensive information through comprehensive Discovery Calls on the various back-office requirements that our assistants will need to fulfill. Accordingly, different strategies are formulated to deliver the support in the most effective and proficient manner possible. Our Virtual Assistants in the USA are provided with powerful state-of-the-art tools, enabling them to keep track of the patient’s messages, appointment, and referrals throughout the care continuum.

  1. Offering Personalized Support With Customized Solutions

    The Virtual Assistant is provided with detailed information about a provider and its workflow, preferences, and schedule. Expert scribes of ScribeEMR become well-versed with clinical and administrative workflows. They understand the demands of physicians and their medical facilities. Consequently, it allows Virtual Assistants to frame customized strategies for offering personalized support to the provider and responsibly carry out the tasks assigned to them.

  1. Providing Rigorous Training To A Highly Skilled Workforce 

    Extensive canvassing is done when recruiting virtual assistants in the USA. And, only those individuals are recruited who have exemplary communication and managerial skills. These Virtual Assistants are then put on a rigorous training program across multiple EHRs, RCMs, and multiple healthcare portals, ensuring effective communication and execution of a wide range of ancillary tasks pertinent to the patient’s care. Additionally, they also undergo training to offer assistance in clerical and administrative tasks such as fax routing, insurance eligibility verification, and prior authorizations.

  1. Our Virtual Assistants Follow Utmost Adherence To Confidentiality And HIPAA Compliance

    We respect and maintain the sanctity of patient-provider confidentiality. No information is ever given out to any third party. Personal portable electronic devices are prohibited inside the working area that has limited access to the internet. All ScribeEMR  professionals attend the mandatory HIPAA training through our Learning Management System.

Established in 2016, ScribeEMR serves as a one-stop solution delivering simple yet highly-effective services to help resolve physician EMR charting challenges. ScribeEMR is comprised of a team of proven executives and entrepreneurs with deep expertise in Clinical Documentation. ScribeEMR offers highly qualified and skilled professionals as Virtual Assistant Scribes to provide non-clinical support to healthcare providers, office staff and patients.

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