With ScribeEMR, there's no need to implement, learn or adopt new technology

Reducing Administrative Burden
“I got back 2 hours a day!”

CLIENT : Primary Care Practice with 5 Clinicians

SITUATION : Clinicians were using traditional transcription services, which still required entering the transcribed notes into EMR.

The practice piloted ScribeEMR services. For clinicians who used the remote, real-time scribing directly into EMR, their documentation was more than 90% complete at the end of a patient visit.

RESULTS : The clinicians piloting the ScribeEMR services gained nearly 2 hours of administrative-free time back in their day. Today, the full practice uses ScribeEMR for their clinical documentation and they’ve been able to see more patients as a result

Enables a better doctor/patient relationship
“A higher quality patient experience”

CLIENT : Geriatric Health Care Practitioner

SITUATION :Clinician used patient satisfaction surveys to measure the quality and patient satisfaction with her care. Survey responses indicated patients disliked the doctor’s distracted focus from patient to medical record keeping during the appointment.

RESULTS : Using ScribeEMR services, the clinician was able to refocus her attention on the patient while remainingconfident that detailed, high-quality medical record notes were recorded in the EMR during the appointment. Survey results demonstrated improvements in patient satisfaction.

Travels seamlessly from OR to primary clinic to satellites
“I couldn’t handle the paperwork!”

CLIENT : Orthopedic specialists with multiple clinic sites and a surgical center.

SITUATION : Orthopedic specialist practice had multiple clinic sites and a surgical center. Surgeons were frustrated because each location had a different process for managing clinical documentation. This resulted in inconsistent record keeping and medical coding, causing the surgeons to have to carefully review notes and provide data entry.

RESULTS : Using ScribeEMR services, the orthopedic practice was able to standardize its clinical documentation process. With their own dedicated scribes, the surgeons appreciated both the consistency and quality of medical documentation, significantly relieving their end-of-day administrative functions. They are now trying our "Offline" Transcription Service for their after hours OR notes.